Eclipse International Develops a Dozen New Boxed Beds

Eclipse International is offering 12 new boxed-bed models under its Eclipse brand, specifically for omnichannel retailers. The beds give retail customers the opportunity to create a complete online shop, the mattress manufacturer and licensing group said. Prices range from $399 to $999 in queen (mattress only) and beds can be sold in stores or Eclipse will drop-ship directly to consumers.

“Sleep e-tailing is no longer relegated to the online marketing companies; it has now become a critical part of selling for brick-and-mortar retailers,” said Stuart Carltz, president and chief executive officer of the North Brunswick, New Jersey-based company. “We’ve been pushing our retail partners to develop an omnichannel approach to selling for some time now, and our new, comprehensive boxed-bed program arms them with a full merchandising program to support their efforts. Our program offers a broad range of designs and comfort feels so that consumers will be able to find their perfect sleep solution — none of this one-size-fits-all nonsense.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said its manufacturing facility in New Jersey has seen a sharp increase in orders from brick-and-mortar retailers that have well-developed e-commerce business.

The new boxed mattresses are available in all-foam and hybrid models. The beds use premium components, such as latex foam, high resiliency polyurethane foams and mattress fabrics with Tencel and phase-change finishes.

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