Sleep Number Updates 360 Smart Bed, Supports Sleep Research

Airbed maker Sleep Number has made improvements to its 360 Smart Bed with SleepIQ technology. The Minneapolis-based manufacturer and retailer also is pursuing new sleep research initiatives.

Advancements to Sleep Number 360 smart beds include new temperature-balancing layers and proprietary comfort technologies that provide a cooler, drier sleep environment, the company said. The beds also are designed to more closely contour to the body for greater support and spinal alignment, increased pressure relief and reduced motion transfer.

SleepIQ technology, Sleep Number’s proprietary sleep-tracking app, delivers three new measurements that provide more personalized insights to help consumers learn how to achieve better health and wellness, the company said.

The new Heart Rate Variability measurement helps detect energy levels and monitor the body’s reaction to stress. This nighttime measurement is more accurate than daytime HRV monitoring, which is heavily influenced by environment, emotions and other factors.

The SleepIQ platform now also offers a measurement called Sleep Circadian Insights. It tracks  sleep and wake times and uses artificial intelligence to learn a sleeper’s patterns. The result is that the app is able to provide guidance for optimizing your sleep and wake times.

A third new feature of SleepIQ is the Monthly Sleep Wellness Report, which uses the HRV measurement to provide an overview of personalized insights including overall sleep health, circadian stability, and respiratory and cardiovascular health.  

The company also is investing in two major sleep research initiatives aimed at addressing critical sleep challenges and identifying underlying physiological warning signs of health issues.

A new Sleep Science Research capability within SleepIQ gives users the opportunity to opt in to Sleep Number’s sleep research program, which will provide insights on sleep and health, and help Sleep Number development new products, services and partnerships.

In addition, Sleep Number is funding the Excessive Sleepiness Study as part of its long-term support of the Mayo Clinic. The study will explore the triggers of sleepiness (such as sleep efficiency, sleep duration, arousals, apnea, and more) and the potential contribution of these triggers and of sleepiness, itself, to adverse outcomes.

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