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Adjustable base

An electro-mechanical or manual bed frame construction that permits the raising and lowering of the head and/or foot portions of the mattress.


An air mattress with a core that is an air-filled vinyl bladder. Better airbeds are multichambered, covered with cushioning, upholstered with ticking and sold with a foundation.


Any fabric or sheeting material that is used during quilting to anchor the stitches.

Batch process

In latex foam production, batch process is batch mixing of latex and pouring into discrete molds to make latex foam components and pillows.


See Cotton Felt.

Bed frame

A metal or wood frame with legs used to support a mattress and foundation. Conventional height is 7-1/4 inches and the low-profile version is 5-3/4 inches when measured from the floor to the bottom of the foundation. Generally a headboard can be attached. Metal frames are sometimes known as a “Hollywood” frame.


Commonly used as a generic term for a mattress and foundation set, but may also apply to accessory items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, etc.

Bedding ensemble

A complete sleep support system, consisting of a metal frame or a bed, a foundation and a mattress set.