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Published by the International Sleep Products Association, based in Alexandria, Virginia, BedTimes is a news magazine covering the global mattress and bedding industries.

BedTimes delivers news, information and feature stories to help industry members grow their business. Continuously published since 1917, each month the print and digital editions of the publication reach thousands of dedicated readers around the world.

BedTimes focuses on the topics that matter most to mattress manufacturers and their suppliers—new products, manufacturing innovations, market trends, legislative/regulatory updates and more.

BedTimes is available as a monthly print magazine, as a complete digital edition that lives forever in a web archive, and as BedTimesMagazine.com, a search-optimized Google News site with an article archive that dates to 2000.

Whether you read the print version that arrives in your mailbox each month, browse our select online content or read the digital issue (found at our home page) cover to cover, BedTimes is the business journal for the sleep products industry.

Key Facts

Print Magazine

Our readers are key decision makers at their companies

Some 87% of mattress manufacturer readers say they make purchasing decisions for their companies.

The magazine has staying power

About 85% of readers say they keep the magazine as a reference. Of those, 91% keep issues for three months or longer.

BedTimes strives for editorial excellence

Some 87% of readers rate the magazine as a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale.

BedTimes is read—and shared

About 70% of readers routinely pass the magazine on to 5 or more people in their offices, so your ad reaches even beyond our dedicated subscribers.

BedTimes is highly valued

Manufacturer members of the International Sleep Products Association rank BedTimes among the Top 5 programs ISPA offers in terms of importance to their business.


As an independently reported news site covering the mattress and sleep accessories beat, BedTimes draws significant page views each month that reach far beyond a B2B audience. It is a Google News site rich in bedding terms whose findable content enhances the online reputation of those it reports on.

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Kerri Bellias
VP Sales, Events and Publications