Writers’ Guidelines

BedTimes focuses on news, trends and issues of interest to mattress manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as more general business stories. It is published monthly and has a worldwide circulation.

Regular departments for which we use freelancers include Plant Management, Marketing Report, Regulatory Update, Management Issues, Cost Management and Employee Relations, Sustainability Report.

We are particularly interested in stories that show mattress manufacturers ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. BedTimes is not written for retailers or consumers: We do not run stories about how to shop for a mattress or how to lure customers into a bedding store.

BedTimes publishes the work of freelance journalists, though less frequently than we have in the past. We prefer those who have experience writing about the bedding and furniture industries or manufacturing in general and those experienced with trade journalism.

The magazine favors writers who can explain serious business issues with a lively, informative style. Writers are expected to follow the guidelines of the Associated Press’ stylebook. Pay is based on the writer’s experience, the article’s length and the complexity of the subject. BedTimes pays upon acceptance. Regular contributors receive an annual subscription to the magazine.