News Deadlines

News releases for the News and Newsmakers departments of print BedTimes magazine are generally due the first day of the preceding month.

However, if that day falls on a weekend, releases must be received by the first work day of the preceding month. Some issues, including the December BedTimes Supplies Guide, have slightly earlier deadlines.

Submit news releases in Microsoft Word (.docx) file format and photos (high-resolution jpegs, 300 ppi/at least 3-inches to 4-inches in width) to Barbara Nelles,

Print Issue Editorial Deadline
January–Distributed at Las Vegas Market; includes the BedTimes Supplies Guide Dec. 1, 2016
February Jan. 5, 2017
March–Distributed at ISPA Industry Conference Feb. 1, 2017
April March 1, 2017
May–Distributed at Interzum Cologne March 31, 2017
June May 2, 2017
July–Distributed at Las Vegas Market June 1, 2017
August June 30, 2017
September July 28, 2017
October Sept. 1, 2017
November Oct. 3, 2017
December Oct. 26, 2017