Worst Apps for Sleep: TikTok, Then Instagram

While video social media app TikTok has become the go-to for everything from viral dance crazes to cat videos, it’s not so great for sleep. 

According to a recent survey by Sleep Junkie, TikTok was the worst social media app for sleep, causing users to take more than an hour to fall asleep after use. And users only spend 14% of their sleep cycle in the rapid eye movement stage of sleep after using the app. 

Instagram came in a close second, causing users to spend only 15.5% of their sleep cycle in REM, and taking an average of 58 minutes to fall asleep after use. Snapchat users spend 16% of their sleep time in REM and take around 56 minutes to fall asleep. 

Twitter and Facebook rounded out the list, with 18% of time in REM sleep and 50 minutes to fall asleep, and 19.5% of REM sleep time and 45 minutes to fall asleep, respectively.

Dorothy Chambers, Sleep Junkie’s sleep expert, classified app use as “revenge sleep procrastination” — delaying sleep to do other unimportant things. The survey found 78% of respondents admitted to the sleep-affecting practice.

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