BedTimes Magazine | July Issue Preview

Beth English, Waynette Goodson, and Dave Perry share their highlights from the July issues of BedTimes Magazine


Beth English
Hi, it’s Beth English, the editorial director of BedTimes Magazine. I’m joined today by managing editor Waynette Goodson, editor at large Dave Perry. And we’re here to tell you all about our July issue. We’re really excited. Waynette I’m gonna let you kick us off because you wrote two of the really great features of this piece, this magazine.

Waynette Goodson
Well, thank you so much, Beth. I had such a great time with this issue because one of my pieces, something very dear to my heart, fabrics in fashion. I did a ticking story on the trends in ticking it’s what’s new, what’s now and what’s next. Everything you need to know about mattress fabrics. So don’t miss that. Now, completely shifting gears to a totally different story. We took a moment to look at where we are now with the COVID virus and I got to talk with like seven different leaders of the industry on the lessons that they learned, the positives, the negatives, and just where we are now.

Will we get back to business as usual? So that’s another one that you won’t believe some of these answers. So honest, so intelligent, so transparent. Thank you to all of you who I tracked down over Memorial Day holiday to get back to me. But I can’t wait to hold July in my hands. And I hope you all enjoy it.

Now I’ll toss it to Dave and he can tell us what he loves about July.

Dave Perry
Well, thanks for Waynette. I mean, I’m going to love your coverage and I’m also going to like my own coverage, which is a profile on Cranston Trucking Company. They are approaching their 50th anniversary. They are on a roll. And there’s a lot of talk about supply chains being in bad shape. Cranston’s supply chain, which focuses a lot on mattress ticking mills in the Carolinas, is in good shape.

So that’s some good news. And I’m sharing with our readers. Also, I’ve got to look at the sleep accessories category. The Better Sleep Council has done important new research. We look at key sleep accessory categories, sheets, pillows, mattress toppers, mattress pads and protectors. We find that interestingly, a lot of consumers say they enjoy shopping for sleep accessories. And this is some great news.

We asked those purchasers of sleep accessories if they bought a mattress, did they enjoy shopping for that? 70% said they had at least some enjoyment in shopping for a mattress. You might think mattress shopping is a dreadful experience, which that is the image that some retailers present, but not so. So that was some good news there. Beth, that wraps it up for me.

What final thoughts do you have, about that big July issue?

Beth English
Well, we do have one other feature I wanted to make sure we mentioned we have a wonderful guidebook for certifications in the industry. If you wanted to know a little bit more about how to qualify for organic or SP2 from our Mattress Recycling Council or CertiPUR-US, it’ll be in there. So just look for that. It’ll tell you a lot about how the criteria for the SEALs and what you can do to learn more, and that is it for our July issue.

We’re very excited about it and we look forward to seeing you next month.

Dave Perry
See you guys next month.

Waynette Goodson
Bye-bye, everybody. Bye-bye.

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