Cellulose Fiber Bed Base Set for Las Vegas Debut

Nasif Akin wants to address the Elephant in a Box. It is coming to the Las Vegas Market, he says.

Nasif Akin

The purchasing and logistics veteran, who has set up a new sourcing company in the United States, says it’s not really an elephant in a box, but it is a sofa in a box. And this is not just any sofa – it’s a sofa made of engineered cellulose fibers that are cut and glued in such a way that the sofa is light, flexible, compressible and strong, he says.

The sofa comes out of the box and can be set up in a fraction of the time required to set up a traditional sofa, Akin says. Other products in the line include modular sofas and bed bases, also shipped in a box. They, too, feature the same engineered cellulose fibers, which use the HoneyComb Support Technology (HoST) developed by the brand Elephant in a Box.

That technology is eco-friendly, Akin notes. It is 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Asked about prices for the new products, Akin says the HoST research and development team will work closely with its customers to come up with the optimal honeycomb configuration to fit their needs and cost structure.

Akin is showing the HoST line in Beli Plast’s new Las Vegas space in the Specialty Sleep Association showroom, World Market Center C-1565.

And he is introducing his new sourcing company, which has offices and sales teams in the United States and in Turkey, and sourcing partners in Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Israel. He aims to serve both online and brick-and-mortar retailers in the United States.

Akin, co-founder and CEO of Beli Plast, is based in Philadelphia. His previous experience included work as a business development manager, with regional and global assignments.

He says his new sourcing company is right for the times.

“In the post-pandemic market, more and more companies are searching for ways to cut costs but to remain profitable without sacrificing product and service quality,” he says. “Beli Plast LLC, established in Delaware, offers top sourcing options at the most reasonable prices.”

Beli Plast has manufacturing partners who produce mattresses, sofas, home textiles, kitchen cabinets, dining tables, wooden furniture and outdoor furniture, among other home furnishings products, Akin says.

“Our mission is to provide end-to-end best procurement outsourcing services for home furnishings products for the lowest possible prices,” he says. “We specialize in home furniture design and production. Our supplier base contains some of the top manufacturers in each home furniture category in their country.”

Beli Plast offers sourcing, purchasing, product development, order management and logistics services to its customers.

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