BedTimes Magazine January 2023 Preview

Beth, Dave and Wyanette welcome in the new year and a new issue of BedTimes Magazine with a great preview. The January issue focuses on sustainability, a new column – Beds by Design, new BSC research and a new feature – Nightcap Q&A. All that and more.


Beth English
Hi, it’s Beth English, editorial director of BedTimes Magazine. And I’m here with David Perry, our editor at large, and Waynette Goodson, our managing editor, to tell you all about our January issue. We’re kicking the year off right by talking about sustainability. ISPA had its first sustainability conference in November, and this issue gives you all the good stuff that came from the conference.

Waynette, would you like to talk a little bit about that?

Waynette Goodson
Sure, I’d love to talk about it. We had such a wonderful conference. We had like 200 people there to hear four dynamics speakers. Now, if you, unfortunately, missed the conference, what we did was sum up all the key points from each speaker in this issue. So you’ve got Andrew Dent, a material scientist, Brian Tomlinson at Ernst and Young, Mitchell Toomey, formerly with the U.N. and Leonard Gordon, a partner at Venable.

So there’s a lot of meaty sustainability knowledge in the feature. On top of that, we had a lot of great networking and party pictures, so you can get a really good vibe of what the event was like and the exhibitors who were there. Now, I also have to take a minute to talk about design. You know, I love design. This issue

I kick off my Beds by Design column. So give it a read and you will understand why I’m so excited about it. Why design? Why now? In 2023, we will have a feature series on design kicking off in March. So, Dave, I’m going to kick it over to you because you also wrote about sustainability in January.

Dave Perry
I was, I was part of the team there. And one thing, Waynette, you and I did a couple of fun videos and you can see what MattMan says about sustainability. And by the way, he’s a mattress superhero. In the January issue, I had a look at new BSC research. And the research, very importantly, looks at the issue of whether will consumers actually pay more for a sustainable mattress.

That’s really one of the issues the industry has always kind of grappled with, and the answer is overwhelming yes, they will pay more. They will pay anywhere from 1% more, up to 20% or more more. So very important findings. You’re going to want to check that out. Beth, why don’t you go ahead and wrap us up?

Beth English
Well, the last couple of things I want to mention is we have this fantastic article about ISPA’s partnership with EBIA, the European Bedding Industries Association. They collaborate well together to kind of help mattress makers all over. And I also want to finish out by saying we have a brand new department in the magazine in the back.

In the past, we’ve had Nightcap where we’ve talked about sleep research, little briefs about that. Well, we decided to take a little more personal approach. And so every month we will be featuring one member of the industry and asking them about their sleep habits and sleep tips. And this month we kicked it off with Paul Block with DSG.

And it’s so much fun, and I hope you guys enjoy reading that. So that’s it for our January preview. I hope you pick up the magazine, enjoy it and start your year off well. Here’s to 2023.

Waynette Goodson
Happy New Year, everybody.

Dave Perry
Hope you have a great year.

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