BedTimes Magazine February 2023 Preview

It’s the month to celebrate love and we love our latest issue of BedTimes Magazine! We think you’ll love it too. A great, in-depth article on adhesives, BSC research, a profile on Rize Home and Laura Brewick’s “Nightcap Q&A”. Beth and Waynette share the highlights in our preview this month!


Beth English
Hi, it’s Beth English, Editorial Director of BedTimes Magazine. I’m here with Managing Editor Waynette Goodson, and we’re here to tell you all about our February issue. It’s just hot off the press. First of all, I want to highlight our Better Sleep Council Research. Dave Perry’s done such an amazing job of taking this research and breaking it down into bite-sized, manageable pieces of information.

This month, we’re focusing on three different pieces of research. The mattress replacement cycle has dropped to 8.3 years, which is something. Foam mattresses and hybrids are gaining market share. And lastly, consumers are paying less for mattresses than they expected, which is an interesting piece. Dave also wrote a fabulous profile of Rize Home. It’s really a fun read about how two competitors came together after COVID and made a stronger company for them to move forward.

And then also, I want to highlight our new Nightcap series this month. We talked with Laura Brewick, President Serta, about her sleep habits and how early she gets up in the morning and how she’s juggling, you know, sleep and dogs and kids and all the things. So, Waynette, pop it over to you..

Waynette Goodson
Well, I have to say, I just love our cover. I think our cover is so strong. It’s about the adhesives piece, a powerful bond. And Jennifer Bringle did a great job with this story. She rounded up about five different major adhesives players in the industry. And she addressed a really interesting topic about how when we’re talking about recycling beds, the hardest part to recycle, the stickiest part, the adhesives and how these manufacturers are addressing that head-on and working with the mattress recycling council.

Now, another thing I got a big kick out of, Dave really hits it out of the park with his columns. So he has one. Let’s banish “It is what it is.” So Dave gets up with Michigan’s Lake Superior State University, and who knew that they have an annual list of banished words? So Dave goes through all the phrases that we should banish from our vocabulary in our business language, so don’t miss that last page.

So I think the February issue was a tasty morsel from the very beginning to the end with Dave’s column and our new nightcap piece. I’m very happy with February. I’m ready to hit March and April. Let’s do it. Beth, back to you.

Beth English
Yes, indeed. It’s been a fun month. So we look forward to seeing you here next month when we tell you all about what’s coming in March.

Waynette Goodson
See you soon. Thanks, everybody.

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