Beardow Adams Offers Improved Hot-Melt Adhesive

Adhesives supplier Beardow Adams Inc., which has global headquarters in Milton Keynes, England, and U.S. headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, has added a new range of hot-melt adhesives to its Prodas (short for product assembly) line called Prodas 2278.

Beardow Adams hot-melt adhesive for mattress manufacturing
New Prodas 228 is a versatile hot-melt adhesive from Beardow Adams Inc., offering improved performance, high heat resistance and multiple application options.

“The new glue is formulated to meet the exacting needs of the mattress and furniture assembly markets and is offered for sale in all of the company’s markets around the world,” said Eelco Stoffels, business development director for Beardow Adams. “Prodas 2278 will permanently bond differing foams and fabrics. It is formulated from proprietary raw materials that make it an extremely versatile adhesive that is easy to use. It has high adhesion and grab, high heat resistance, as well as the ability to cope with low ambient temperatures and fast or slow operations.”

Early adopters of Prodas 2278 are reporting less operator downtime, fewer glue-related product failures and an overall improvement in operational efficiency related to the adhesive application process, Stoffels said.

In addition to its Prodas line, Beardow targets mattress makers with the pressure-sensitive Pressen line of hot melts. Its hot-melt adhesives are used in three main areas of mattress production: pocket-spring assembly, foam lamination and general mattress assembly processes. They can be applied via hand-spraying, variable-speed equipment, or using fully automated, robotic extrusion systems.