Welcome to the Newly Redesigned BedTimes


Mary Best headshot

Mary Best
Editorial Director

As with mattress making, design plays a crucial role in fulfilling the mission of a magazine.

It draws readers into stories and illuminates their meaning. As with mattress styles, design is not static. It constantly shifts based on consumers’ — or in our case, readers’ — needs and interests, trends, market changes, and more. And as with mattress lines, every so often, a magazine needs to change things up. We decided now is that time for BedTimes.

Why a redesign? It’s been seven years since BedTimes last received a significant makeover. And during that time, our thoughts about the way we use space, photos and typography have evolved. Further, as the 102-year-old magazine enjoys its second century, the editorial team felt it was time for a dynamic redesign to revitalize the magazine.

As you can see, updates to the appearance of the publication are substantial. We’ve changed the typefaces, color palette and even the nameplate. We’ve updated the names of a few sections. For Starters, formerly called Brief Sheet, features tips you can use to improve your business, as well as tidbits of interest to the sleep products industry. Nightcap, previously named On Sleep, still closes the magazine with brief stories about sleep research and other sleep-related news. And this column, which was Note, now is First Person.

We have changed headline styles, which we hope will make the magazine easier to navigate. We also have added more white space on each page to give the text more breathing room. And we have strived to make the pages a little calmer while still offering compelling photography that illustrates and enhances the text.

But while BedTimes has a new coat of paint, so to speak, its editorial principals and signature content remain the same: We will continue to bring you comprehensive features on product trends and innovations, detailed reports on relevant trade shows and bedding events, and profiles of upcoming and veteran players in the mattress industry.

In every issue, we also include the industry’s latest news from bedding manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. Turn to the ISPA section to learn about the programs and resources the International Sleep Products Association offers its members and to check for updates about its advocacy efforts and statistical reports.

BedTimes’ new look is the brainchild of creative director Stephanie Belcher, who has worked for months creating and refining the pages of this issue. It’s been a joy working with her and managing editor Beth English on this redesign. I hope we’ve made BedTimes more readable, inviting and helpful. I welcome your thoughts on the magazine’s new face.