10 video trends to watch

We’ve written about the benefits of adding video to your marketing arsenal before. This ever-evolving medium bears watching as it continues to grow.

The following are 10 trends Barry Feldman, author of “The Road to Recognition,” and Uscreen, a Washington, D.C.-based video-on-demand platform, put together in an infographic and shared on HubSpot.com on May 22.

1. Video is going live.

Research shows live streaming encourages more audience engagement and holds viewers’ attention longer than prerecorded video.

2. Video is taking viewers shopping.

Brands are testing ways to enable viewers to swipe-to-buy after seeing a video ad on Instagram or Snapchat.

3. Video is turning 360.

Being able to look in any 360-degree direction provides a more immersive and interactive experience.

4. Video is going VR.

“Virtual reality, technology that makes viewers feel they are in or part of the video, is poised to make its mark not only in gaming, but in business, education, healthcare, marketing, social media and more,” they write. Case in point: The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show featured more than 350 augmented reality and virtual reality exhibitors.

5. Video is going 1:1.

Marketers are finding the value of using personalized video messages rather than email.

6. Video is going on blogs.

Vlogging—or video blogging—is trending in content marketing because vloggers are followed by a community of like-minded people.

7. Video is getting search-friendly.

Closed captioning and artificial intelligence are making video content more searchable.

8. Video is going over the top.

Viewers are continuing to opt for internet-delivered programming on OTT, or “over the top” platforms, more than linear television programming.

9. Video is becoming a staple of training.

Companies have found that videos are an effective way to train more employees at a time at a lower cost.

10. Video is everywhere.

Video is being used in all types of business areas—internal communications, customer support, human resources, legal, information technology, marketing, sales and more.

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