Vytex Super-Soft Toppers and Pillows Hit Market

Vystar Corp., a technology company that holds multiple patents for its natural rubber latex Vytex and is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Vytex foam components, has introduced Vytex super-soft topper foam and Vytex Cloud bed pillows.

The Worcester, Massachusetts-based company sells a patented “de-proteinization” kit to latex producers that is added to raw, liquid latex during the centrifuge process, allowing all impurities and proteins in the latex to bind together and be removed.

According to Vystar, the resulting, purified natural rubber latex lasts 10 times longer than other latex foam and is almost completely free of the proteins that can cause human allergies.

The new light and fluffy topper foam is available at a new lower density for Vytex, 55 kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3). By comparison, typical latex-core foam averages 65 kg/m3 to 75 kg/m3. The comfort qualities of the Vytex toppers compares with super-soft polyurethane topper foam having an indentation load deflection of 14, the company said.

The new pillows are available in standard, queen, king and body pillow sizes, and in two densities — 45 kg/m3 and 55 kg/m3. They have a zippered organic cotton cover and are sold on Amazon.

Both the topper foam and pillows are manufactured by Lien A Co. Ltd., based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, using that company’s proprietary pouring and production techniques that yield a highly consistent product, according to Vystar.

“Consumers for years have asked to have their latex mattress toppers as soft and comfortable as their latex pillows,” said Steve Rotman, Vystar chief executive officer. “Now, thanks to Lien A’s breakthrough technology, we are able to produce 100% natural latex foam sheets as large as a California king in 6-inch thickness in beautifully uniform … all-natural 100% Vytex latex.”

Vytex Cloud pillows are “pillows for life,” Rotman said. They offer “light, natural breathability and resilience and provide cool, supportive comfort for years.”