Gold Bond’s Busy Month Making Medical Mattresses

Mattress maker Gold Bond is continuing to fill orders for health care mattresses and has produced and shipped an additional 3,500 of these beds in April alone. The work is keeping its 65-member manufacturing team on the job, the Hartford, Connecticut-based company said in a news release.

The surge in demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic is coming from pop-up and field hospitals being used to treat the sick. Beds are being distributed by the state to the Army Corps of Engineers for use in temporary facilities, including convention centers, that are being used as health care outposts, as well as in hospitals.

As of April 29, Connecticut had more than 21,000 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus and treatment beds were running low. Gold Bond is one of the few mattresses manufacturers still operating in the Northeast during the crisis, the release said.

“Because of our strong heritage in the Hartford area and throughout the state, we are honored to have been chosen to help during this time of national crisis,” said Robert Naboicheck, Gold Bond president. “Not only are we helping our neighbors with these mattresses, but it is also comforting to our entire staff because we are able to make an important contribution like this and help save lives at this time. Our production of these mattresses also enables us to maintain and pay our hard-working employees.”

The two mattress styles have the fluid-proof, anti-microbial covers required in health care settings. One model is all-foam, the other is innerspring and contains cotton from Gold Bond’s in-house garneting operation.

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