New Gold Bond bed is stuffed with a staple

Family-owned manufacturer Gold Bond Mattress has gone back to a classic component, cotton—and lots of it. The Hartford, Connecticut-based company’s new Cambridge bed is layered with 50 pounds of the fluffy stuff and it’s all garneted on-site.

“The Cambridge is a well-built mattress that helps retailers stave off the impact increasing foam costs are having on margins,” said President Bob Naboicheck. “Across the industry, continuing foam increases are forcing people to either raise prices or de-spec their products. We’ll never de-spec our line, but, instead, we’ve decided to leverage our competitive advantage by processing our own cotton for our products. The Cambridge is packed with cotton.”

The company’s long history of opening and blending its own cotton dates back to its founding in 1899, when it manufactured all cotton mattresses and continued when it began making cotton-filled futons.

The two-sided Cambridge mattress is described in a news release as having “a hybrid feel” and is affordably priced, retailing for about $599 in queen size. The bed features another classic component, a 7-inch Bonnell innerspring that is cushioned on each side by cotton. Its tufted panels are a crisp white with charcoal edging.

“It’s a mattress that really needs to be experienced,” Naboicheck said. “It’s a hefty (bed) and offers consumers a natural, cotton story, which continues to resonate in the marketplace.”

Gold Bond ships to 40 states and five countries, and its products are available at more than 500 retail showrooms.

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