The Seena Magowitz Foundation's Virtual Event Series Making an Impact

This year’s annual events are all virtual due to COVID-19

PHOENIX, AZ October 2020 – The Seena Magowitz Foundation is announcing its next virtual event. Premiering live on October 22nd, 2020 the event will introduce you to a father and daughter with an incredible story of perseverance. It will also pay tribute to a Legacy Hero who left behind a powerful impact. And, introduce an inspiring couple with a heart for impacting change.

“We’ve received such overwhelming support for our previous two events, and we’re excited to continue,” said Roger E. Magowitz, founder of The Seena Magowitz Foundation. “In a time where everyone is forced to be socially distant, these events are bridging the divide.”

The foundation is a nonprofit committed to the cure of pancreatic cancer. It funds research of world-renowned doctors like Dr. Daniel Von Hoff and others nationwide. Its first virtual event drew a digital crowd of over two-thousand viewers.

This inspiring event will feature:

— A kick-off performance by talented trumpeter and philanthropist Dr. Jessie McGuire, an artist who has played before U.S. Presidents, in the World Series, and NBA Championships

— An interview with Randy Dobbs and Elizabeth O’Connor, a father and daughter with an incredible story of perseverance

— A tribute to Dr. Jill Pechacek, a pancreatic cancer legacy warrior whose fight against the disease was an inspiration, and an interview with her family

— And a conversation with ambassadors John and Lynn Morley, a philanthropic couple with a heart for pancreatic cancer patients

The event will be broadcast live at at 1 p.m. HST, 4 p.m. PT, 6 p.m. CT, and 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, October 22nd. They’ll be kicking things off with a fun Bingo Night the evening before. All the event information is on the website at

The Foundation will also have virtual events throughout the rest of the year. It’s all leading up to the “Celebration of Hope” main event on December 4th. The “Celebration of Hope” will feature world-renowned doctors, patient stories, and ambassador testimonies.

The Seena Magowitz Foundation is known as “The Face and Voice of Pancreatic Cancer.” It works to provide the loudest voice of awareness for the disease. It’s also dedicated to fundraising for the most impactful research in the industry. The Foundation is committed to early detection, patient quality of life, and an eventual cure. For more information, visit


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