Ergomotion Receives 2021 CES Editors’ Choice Award

The awards were given to the most promising tech to watch for in 2021 and were chosen based on four key criteria: innovation, technology, design, and value.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., January 20, 2021 –  Ergomotion announces today that they have been recognized in the 2021 CES Editors’ Choice Award from USA TODAY. Evaluated by the Reviewed and USA TODAY teams, Ergomotion’s Quest Connect was singled out to be one of the best and most promising products in the coming year. The winners chosen excelled in the four key criteria that the editors were judging, including: innovation, technology, design and value. 

This year, in the midst of the pandemic, CES, the annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association, moved to an all-digital experience and Ergomotion was one of more than 1,800 exhibitors to join the global stage for innovation. Ergomotion showcased how the adjustable bed base category is evolving in the well-tech space, providing solutions that will be essential components to a smart, connected home, for a happy, healthy lifestyle.  As part of the Editors’ Choice edition, Ergomotion also has a featured article here, highlighting the adjustable bed base category with Quest Connect product and its smart home features.

“We have all worked very hard, congratulations to product, technology, and marketing teams. I am very proud and excited to work with the entire global organization,” says Johnny Griggs, Chief Operating Officer at Ergomotion. “As Ergomotion continues to expand in the well-tech space, we’re anxious to showcase upcoming products like Quest Connect, products that will truly show our innovation in technology for the connected home solutions and the adjustable bed base category.”

As the consumer electronic space continues to evolve, Ergomotion is developing products that will fully enhance the sleep experience. Efficiencies will include systems that can be controlled from the comfort of your own bed, creating connections, and integrating them into user’s daily life. The Quest Connect product will provide this and so much more; Ergomotion is thrilled to share this next level of consumer experience with its partners. 

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Ergomotion, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, is the largest manufacturer of adjustable bases worldwide. The company’s products are created to provide a holistic wellness solution infused with smart technology to enrich sleep, health, and the overall quality of life. Ergomotion’s adjustable bases are designed to accommodate the industry’s leading mattresses and to seamlessly integrate with existing bed frames. The products have been sold in more than 30 countries to over 170 major brands. Ergomotion is part of the Keeson Technology Corp. family based in Jiaxing City, China. To learn more about Ergomotion visit


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