News Release: Culp Introduces ChillSense Powered by Repreve

HIGH POINT, N.C. (JUNE 2, 2021) ─ Culp, Inc. (NYSE: CULP) (together with its consolidated subsidiaries, “CULP”) pairs innovation and dedication to its sustainability efforts with Culp Home Fashions’ new line of mattress fabrics, ChillSense powered by REPREVE. This innovative fabric is a result of the continued partnership between CULP and Unifi, Inc. The new mattress fabric line answers consumer demand for cooling performance while keeping sustainability features top of mind.


  • Culp Creative Director Christina Pennant and VP Sales & Marketing Jeff Veach examine new ChillSense ticking.
  • CULP and Unifi are hosting a “Sustainable Sip and See” industry happy hour at the Repreve Mobile Tour truck  for Market attendees on Saturday, June 5, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
  • Culp ChillSense mattress fabric with Repreve yarns
  • Invitation to June 5 High Point Market event

According to Unifi, fabrics made with ChillSense fibers transfer heat from the body to the fabric more quickly, creating a cool sensation to the touch. ChillSense powered by REPREVE is a unique mattress fabric, currently exclusively available through CULP. The fabric is made with ChillSense and at least 30% REPREVE, a fiber made from recycled plastic bottles with U TRUST® verification to certify recycled content claims.

“The cooling technology is inherent within the yarn, not requiring the addition of chemicals,” states Jeff Veach, vice-president of sales and marketing for Culp Home Fashions. “ChillSense powered by REPREVE combines performance and sustainability elements in one fabric and represents an affordable offering for our customers and consumers to make a sustainability-based buying decision. Since 2019, CULP has helped divert over 63 million plastic bottles from going into waste streams by incorporating REPREVE recycled fiber into its mattress fabrics and upholstery fabrics products, including the ChillSense powered by REPREVE line. We are excited to offer two great technologies in one.”

Understanding the consumer demand for cooling technology in fabrics, Unifi, Inc. created the ChillSense fiber, which has an instantaneous sensation of coolness to the touch. Brian Moore, vice-president of global brand sales for Unifi, Inc. explains, “Fabrics made with ChillSense fibers have a high thermal effusivity – the rate at which a material can absorb heat. Fabrics with high effusivity represent the ability of a textile to exchange thermal energy with the skin.”

Another unique feature of the partnership between CULP and Unifi is their combined global capacity to navigate the current supply chain issues. Commenting on this, Veach states, “CULP has the redundancy to produce and scale this new fabric line. The raw material can be made locally in Reidsville and it can also be made overseas, in concert with Culp’s expansive fabric formation capabilities.”

The Unifi Repreve Mobile Tour truck will be stationed at the corner of Main Street and Commerce Street during High Point Furniture Market for anyone interested in learning more about fabrics made with REPREVE. CULP and Unifi are hosting a “Sustainable Sip and See” industry happy hour at the Repreve Mobile Tour truck  for Market attendees on Saturday, June 5th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

About Culp, Inc:

Culp, Inc. (NYSE: CULP) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of mattress fabrics for bedding and upholstery fabrics for residential and commercial furniture.  The company markets a variety of fabrics to its global customer base of leading bedding and furniture companies, including fabrics produced at Culp’s manufacturing facilities and fabrics sourced through other suppliers.  Culp has manufacturing operations and sourcing capabilities located in the United States, Canada, China, Haiti, Turkey, and Vietnam. For more information about Culp, Inc. visit 

About Unifi:

Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI) is a global textile solutions provider and one of the world’s leading innovators in manufacturing synthetic and recycled performance fibers. Through REPREVE®, one of Unifi’s proprietary technologies and the global leader in branded recycled performance fibers, Unifi has transformed more than 20 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new apparel, footwear, home goods and other consumer products. The Company’s proprietary PROFIBER™ technologies offer increased performance, comfort and style advantages, enabling customers to develop products that perform, look and feel better. Unifi continually innovates technologies to meet consumer needs in moisture management, thermal regulation, antimicrobial, UV protection, stretch, water resistance and enhanced softness. Unifi collaborates with many of the world’s most influential brands in the sports apparel, fashion, home, automotive and other industries.  For more information about Unifi, visit


Made by Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI), REPREVE® is the global leader in branded recycled performance fibers, transforming more than 20 billion plastic bottles into recycled fiber for new clothing, shoes, home goods and other consumer products. REPREVE is the earth-friendly solution to making consumers’ favorite brands more environmentally responsible. Found in products from many of the world’s leading brands, REPREVE fibers can also be enhanced with Unifi’s proprietary technologies for increased performance and comfort. For more information about REPREVE, visit REPREVE® is a trademark of Unifi, Inc.


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