A.H. Beard Launches Recyclable Mattresses

Sydney-based mattress manufacturer A.H. Beard has launched what it says is Australia’s first fully recyclable and truly sustainable sleep collection.

The A.H. Beard Origins collection offers three lines, each with three unique models and feels. The mattresses are made using locally sourced wool fibers, fabrics milled from organic cotton and Tencel, and a 100% recyclable pocket spring support system. Each mattress is constructed without foam or glue. It can be disassembled and the various components separated for recycling at end of its life.

The company said in a news release that A.H. Beard Origins provides a high-quality, healthy, restorative and sustainable alternative to nonrecyclable, one-size-fits-all and imported mattresses, which make up 32% of the current mattress market in Australia and contribute to more than 1 million mattresses going to the landfill every year.

A.H. Beard said the launch of Origins will play a significant role in its growth over the next five years domestically and internationally, including significant increases to its export channel, predominantly in Southeast Asia, where the company expects to open an additional 48 A.H. Beard stores.

Tony Pearson, chief executive officer, said: “We are proud to lead the way in developing Australia’s first truly circular sustainable sleep range. A.H. Beard has always been a driving force behind mattress recycling in Australia and we couldn’t rest until we had created Australia’s first fully recyclable mattresses. Our hope is to inspire others to join us in creating mattresses that are as good for your sleep as they are for people and the planet.”

Pearson continued: “We want A.H. Beard to be much more than just a bedding manufacturer. We want to be a creator of community well-being and are committed to becoming the most sustainable and ethical business across all our operations. Our team is on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of premium sustainable sleep, and we take great pride and responsibility in growing and evolving our business in a healthy way to have a positive impact on our world.”

A.H. Beard said it is the first mattress manufacturer globally to achieve Platinum Health Rate certification from Global Green Tag, a rigorous sustainability certification body. A.H. Beard has partnered with like-minded businesses that are committed to sustainable sources and practices and is using Australian growers and suppliers wherever possible to support local jobs and communities. For example, the wool sourced for Origins mattresses comes from Australian farms, such as Cloven Hills in Victoria, where sheep are farmed to the highest environmental and ethical standards.

Garry Beard, A.H Beard’s chair and a fourth-generation family member, instigated the company’s environmental commitment by becoming a founding member in 2016 of the Soft Landing startup product stewardship project for mattresses. A group of industry stakeholders with a shared purpose and sense of responsibility created a common platform, now known as Recycle My Mattress, which is administered by the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council. The project facilitates a collaborative approach to find environmentally and ethically sound solutions for recycling of both input materials and finished products at end of life.

A.H. Beard employs 400 workers in six manufacturing facilities.

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