Durak Tekstil Para Aramid Thread to Make U.S. Debut at ISPA EXPO

News release – Durak Fire Safe Para Aramid® sewing thread can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C, providing the high safety standard that mattress manufacturers must achieve. Superior heat resistance, breaking strength, and non-conductive properties make Durak Fire Safe Para Aramid® sewing thread attractive for mattress manufacturers.

Durak Tekstil, Turkey’s leading industrial sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer, offers the safety and comfort demanded by the bedding industry, with the special sewing threads they developed and produced. The company will participate in the ISPA EXPO to be held in Orlando, Florida on March 8-10, 2022 and will showcase numerous solutions from their rich product portfolio, especially aramid threads standing out with their technical superiority, at booth 718.

Recent studies show that people are more vulnerable to fires during sleep. Smoking fires are a serious problem, especially in the bedroom. Smoking ranked first with 23% in deaths caused by house fires between 2014-18, according to NFPA data. For this reason, it has become a legal requirement for the mattress manufacturers in the USA to use para-aramid sewing threads instead of standard non-fireproof polyester sewing threads. Fabrics made of natural fibers are used on the exterior of the mattresses, and the side tapes are sewn with para-aramid threads. In the case of fire, fabrics made of natural fibers burn down to ashes, while aramid seams do not open, so the flame does not come into contact with the oxygen trapped inside the mattress, reducing the height of the flames and the speed of fire spread.

Thus, para-aramid threads become the key to safer use in bedding in commercial areas such as hotels and accommodation facilities as well as in homes. Durak Tekstil stands out among the most important suppliers regarding para-aramid threads, a mandatory standard for the bedding industry. Durak Fire Safe Para Aramid® sewing thread in full crystal structure developed by Durak Tekstil is produced in accordance with EN ISO 15025 and EN ISO 6941 flammability tests. The para-aramid thread can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C and has two different thicknesses, tex40 and tex60.

Durak Fire Safe Para Aramid® sewing thread, used in textiles with its natural straw yellow color, can be used safely in the sewing of firefighting, work and military clothing, especially in tape-edge seams in the mattress industry. These threads are kept in special black packages, and only lose half of their strength even when exposed to UV rays continuously for 40 to 60 weeks. Durak Fire Safe P-Aramid WR thread, included in the para-aramid series of Durak Tekstil, has a water-repellent finishing feature as well as superior fire resistance.

Beyond standard productivity and quality for sewing operations

Durak Tekstil, with a history of 50 years, not only addresses the bedding industry with aramid threads, but also has a strong product portfolio for other sewing and embroidery applications. Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® bobbin threads contribute to reducing sewing and maintenance costs, accelerating the production processes and increasing the quality of the final product with their special structures and the yield advantage against their counterparts. Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® threads used in lock stitches are designed to provide maximum performance at high machine speeds and have a shrinkage rate of 1% at 150ºC thanks to their special production methods.

Linty bobbin threads cause dirt and dust to accumulate on the bobbins over time causing machine malfunctions, and frequent production stops. Mono-filament products, on the other hand, both increase machine maintenance costs and harden the touch of the finished product in extended use. Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® bottom sewing threads, produced from continuous filament polyester, are soft-to-the-touch thanks to their special production methods and contribute to reducing machine maintenance costs. In addition, these products, which are consumed from the bottom to the top in the machine, do not produce waste after use, as they do not contain paper or plastic support.

Durak Duraless® has a special cavity structure in the middle so that it can be used on any bobbin in sewing machines, thus enabling more thread winding and increasing productivity by 10%. Durak Duma® bobbin threads have three times more thread capacity compared to its counterparts and contribute 15% to productivity with its special hook. While these threads provide a stable tension from the beginning to the end of the sewing process, they also prevent problems such as; any type of collapse, wasted winding, breaking, etc.

Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® bobbin threads also meet high durability criteria against most mineral acids. Therefore, it is not affected by bleaching, organisms such as mold and fungus, and does not cause any deterioration in washing and dry cleaning. This is a basic criterion for longer-lasting products.

Both threads have very rich application areas; embroidery, clothing, automotive, home textiles, workwear, sportswear, denim, nautical clothing, as well as mattress and quilting segments, are the leading ones.

About us

Founded in Bursa in 1972, Durak Tekstil is a manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads it develops and produces domestically and abroad. With production facilities located in Turkey and China, Durak Tekstil has representative offices operating in overseas markets. Supplying to the global brands in the domestic and global markets, the company responds to the growing demand of the textile industry for high quality and sustainable products.

Products developed and produced by Durak Tekstil is preferred in ready-to-wear / apparel, embroidery, brodery, shoes, denim, outdoor, automotive, mattress/quilting, and similar application areas. For more information; https://www.durak.com/

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