Reverie Announces Valuable Additions to Power Base Lineup

This R380 models is one of two new power bases Reverie will display at the winter market.

News release – DETROIT — At this winter’s World Market in Las Vegas, Reverie will be displaying the R480 and R380, two new power base models that reflect an innovative response to current industry challenges and address customer needs. Both models are foldable, which allows for more product to be stacked per square foot in a shipping container or warehouse, and both have also been redesigned for a simpler and quicker setup process for delivery teams and consumers.

“When we looked at what was currently out there on the market, we decided we wanted to make simplicity our goal—simplifying both the consumer’s interaction with the product and the delivery and setup phase,” said Reverie VP of Sales John Wanat.

“The setup time is extremely quick—unfold, put the legs on, plug it in, and you’re done. And on the logistics side, the folded design takes up less space so it optimizes our freight and warehouse footprints, and it’s even easier to carry into customers’ homes.”

Both models come equipped with the versatile comfort features customers and retailers have come to expect from Reverie, including head-up and foot-up adjustability and the ability for consumers to save preset positions to their remotes. The R480 also includes 3D-Wave™ massage technology, Reverie’s patented resonant-frequency massage function.

Another unique advantage of the R380 and 480 are their modular legs, which allow for use with or without depending on the customer’s bedroom setup. “The customer has the option to use it anywhere: platform or inside a bed frame, use the legs or don’t. This does both—it’s really one-size-fits-all,” said Reverie Director of Customer Experience Patti Ark.

The two new models will also be the first to come standard with Reverie’s new Customer Convenience Hub, an attachment that provides a direct connection to the control box of the power base, allowing for easier remote pairing and power base diagnostics. The CCH may be attached to the side of the power base or rest on a nightstand, and also includes USB ports with which consumers can conveniently charge their devices.

“The Customer Convenience Hub was designed for the modern world of complex logistics, and for a modern consumer that expects simplicity, convenience, and all the bells and whistles,” said Reverie CEO and co-founder Martin Rawls-Meehan.

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