Reverie Enhances Customer Experience With Customer Convenience Hub

News release – DETROIT — In anticipation of the 2022 Las Vegas Winter Market, Reverie has announced the rollout of a new way to deliver even greater ease of use to their customers: the Customer Convenience Hub. This handheld device provides a direct connection to the control box of the power base and may be attached to the side of the base or placed on a nightstand. The CCH is equipped with USB ports that consumers can use to conveniently charge their devices, and also allows for a much easier remote pairing process that doesn’t involve getting under the bed.

“We noticed many consumers tended to have the same issue with standard USB outlets in power bases,” said Reverie CEO and co-founder Martin Rawls-Meehan. “Typically, the outlets are fixed into the upholstery of the power base. This becomes a huge obstacle to the consumer if they also have their power base on or in another bedframe. The CCH solves this, because the consumer can place it in any spot that is convenient for them and easily reach the USB outlets.”

“Power beds with the CCH will no longer require customers to get under the bed to troubleshoot and/or pair the remote, which is an absolute game-changer,” said Patti Ark, Reverie Director of Customer Experience. “Feedback from customers has always been ‘help us to not have to get under the bed.’ This innovation shows we’re thinking about our customers. The CCH is our way of saying ‘We hear you, and we’re making it easier to support your bed and you,’” said Ark.

VP of Sales John Wanat confirms that Customer Convenience Hubs will be presented at the upcoming Las Vegas World Market, and they will be available for purchase by consumers starting in 2022.

“It isn’t enough just to solve problems. We go above and beyond: we want consumers to not just be happy with Reverie beds but to also recommend them to their friends and family. That is how our industry will grow,” said Rawls-Meehan.

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