The Vita Group Breaks New Ground for Sustainability

Ian Robb, chief executive officer of the Vita Group, said the sustainability report sets out how the company is going to make their operations even better.

Ian Robb, chief executive officer of the Vita Group

The Vita Group, a major European provider of flexible polyurethane foam, has achieved a landmark green goal and launched its first sustainability report.

During the past two years the company has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. The Manchester, England-based manufacturer’s other sustainability successes include reducing waste sent to the landfill to just 2.01% and launching its first foam range made from raw materials extracted from end-of-life products.

These environmental achievements are outlined in Vita’s Sustainability Report 2021: Enhancing Everyday Life. The report outlines how strategic partnerships have been an important part of Vita’s ability to meet its environmental objectives. These partnerships include collaborating with Dow Chemicals and Evonik to repurpose end-of-life foam into new raw materials, such as using Renuva polyols to create the Orbis range of foam.

Vita’s methods align with several green industry bodies and accreditations. This includes meeting the Paris Climate Accords greenhouse gas targets and signing up for both the Science-Based Targets initiative and the United Nations Global Compact. Vita also has earned a silver sustainability rating from EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings.

“Our new report doesn’t just outline what we’ve done but it also sets out how we are going to make our operations even better,” said Ian Robb, chief executive officer. “This includes some creative and ambitious targets, such as making sure that all our plants only use sustainable polyols — a key ingredient in the production of foams by 2030 and sending zero manufacturing waste to landfill by 2040.”

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