6 New Companies Debuting this July Market

And 13 returning exhibitors presenting a wide array of sleep products in the SSA Sleep Pavilion (C1565)

Las Vegas Market News Release

The 6 New Companies:

CARILOHA INC. will present retailers with mattresses, sheets, duvets and other top-of-bed, pillows, bath towels and apparel all using Viscose from Bamboo. They offer their partners a Sustainable, Eco Friendly, LUXURY product, complete from display to sell-through support. While partnering with Cariloha may offer an amazing ROI, store display and product, the partnership enables retailers to contribute to the responsible sourcing efforts of their products. When they sell Cariloha, they are offering their customers a “Comfy way to save the World”. Their complete assortment is now available to the wholesale marketplace, focusing on the home furnishings sector.

ENGLISH ROYAL MATTRESS is making their US debut with their 2-sided “English” type mattress featuring 2000 springs, additional micro pocket springs and using only natural filling (no chemicals). Believes that memory foams, synthetic fibers and latex cause overheating and deteriorates over time, this company only uses 100% natural materials such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and horsehair for their mattress filling. Their mattress pads are attached to the surface of the mattress and hand sewn by English craftsmen to provide an even weight distribution and superior comfort. Their micro springs touch all parts of your customers’ body to provide full shock absorption and an ultra comfortable sleep. Their high quality woven fabric has a chemical-free surface combined with natural materials to provide naturally flame-retardant properties, so stop by if you have customers who would be interested in these features.

MONARCH SLEEP SYSTEMS is debuting their NEW Adjustable Bed Frame Innovations. They will have a small selection of their product portfolio specifically focused on new innovations of the sleep decks. The newest Monarch EC Series will display the infinite comfort sleep deck which provides the consumer full customization to levitate the mattress using their quad suspension butterfly wings. Consumers can personalize to their needs. Small businesses can compete with big box retailers with these products without the investment in massive warehouses. Retailers can use only 1 SKU to serve their customers for all sizes and the pack density provides 5X less inventory space and 4X less working capital. The box is so small the consumer can take a queen size frame in their back seat with their bed in a box. Additionally, they will present the newest iSeries which will have a full range motion including lumber and head tilt yet in a folding deck to increase shipping density and reduce setup time. Consumers will have full articulation to their preferred resting positions allowing them to achieve the comfort and sleep recovery they deserve.

Also debuting in the SSA Showroom AND in the USA is SHEELA FOAM, with their PU Foam Mattresses from Spain, and from India, their Pocket coil Hybrid Mattress and Bonnel mattresses. Developed by Joyce Foam Australia and tested by Royal Melbourne Institute of technology, their Hygroflex Foam mattress has a new generation open cell construction Comfort layer. Hygroflex is superior to Memory foam, in that it conforms to the shape of the body 67% better, reduces the maximum pressure on body by up to 32%, and cools better by taking heat away from body 27% faster. Make sure you stop to see them and find out about VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) – the world’s most environmentally friendly PU foam with zero VOC emission. Supplied from plants in India, Australia and Spain, there are no anti-dumping laws to contend with and no disruption of supply chain.

SOFF-ART S.R.L. is an Italian Company specializing in bedding since 1880. They are debuting their special pillows with independent pocket springs system, produced in their factory in Italy, and exported to about 35 countries around the world. Their pillows with independent pocket springs system represent an absolute novelty for the United States market. Featuring an exclusive pocketed spring structure developed and patented by SOFF-ART, their pillows are certified for perfect head-neck-shoulders alignment by ErgoCert and have been also certified by Oeko-Tex. When you visit them ask about their Morpheus Spring pillows, which come in a range of products with high-quality, hypoallergenic, layered polyester fiber padding around the springs. They will also show you their Viscospring pillow line, which is a range of products combining springs with a filling of memory foam produced internally with high quality an-allergic materials. Both pillow types can be customized with a special trim, embroidery and specific technical and commercial labels. Different softness and sizes are available, with covers in 100% high quality cotton twill or in different technical fabrics. Link to photo:

Brand new this market is SUBTREX HOUSEWARE INC, presenting their Mattresses, Toppers, Pillows, Bed Sheets, Slipcovers, and Rugs. When you visit their exhibit you will find how their scientific foam structure proportion maximizes the function of different foam layers. Their gel-infused memory foam is soft to accommodate multiple sleeping positions, provides strong support eliminating body pain caused by sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. Their mattresses are super anti-interference, with no motion transfer, so your customers won’t have to worry about waking your partner, ensuring a quiet sleep all night. Their foam and materials are within CertiPUR-US standards and contain zero harmful chemicals.

What else will you see in the SSA Showroom?

BEDLINE, an expert in platform storage and changing the way storage beds are seen in the market, is bringing to the US market an improvement not only in styles but providing new patented technologies to make the use, stockage and cleaning of the bed much easier. Showing 2 models with 30 cubic feet of storage for those people needing extra space in a novel and convenient way, they are introducing a product in kit form, with the specific requirements for the US online market, for drop shipping and ease of handling. They will also be announcing our US partnership where we’ll begin final assembly and warehousing in the USA starting Summer 2022.

Top-of-Bed company ELECTROPEDIC / BODY SENSE will be introducing their Molded natural latex pillows manufactured by radio frequency designed OEKO-TEX #100 certified. They offer unique sleep products that can also be private labelled. Stop in and see them to find out about this and the rest of there line of memory foam and latex pillows, latex mattress toppers, high end bamboo sheets, and cooling mattress protectors.

EMMA THE SLEEP COMPANY, the largest DTC mattress brand in the world, is coming to America with its new adjustable comfort innovations for a better night’s sleep. These beds were specifically curated for Emma’s launch into Brick and Mortal retail. Don’t miss the Emma launching of its exclusive and innovative SH/FT Line and their Emma Sense Smart Mattress.

Because they are finding that the customer base for organic products is growing rapidly, and shoppers are more focused on healthier alternatives for home products than ever, natural and organic top-of-bed manufacturer SLEEP AND BEYOND has brand new introductions for the buyers that they are adding to their full line of bedding products on display.

  • Organic Baby Swaddles: Made with GOTS-certified organic muslin cotton fabric.
  • Organic Percale Collection: Crisp, cool, 300 thread count sheet sets, pillowcases, fitted sheets, and duvet covers.
  • Organic Cotton Blankets: Made of the finest GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Encasement: Provides 360 degrees of protection in the ultimate 100% organic, zippered, encasement.
  • Introducing the iconic myMerino comforter – now available in a lighter-weight version

Also offering natural and organic products, THE FUTON SHOP/TFS HONEST SLEEP will be presenting their full array of mattresses, futons pillows and bedding made from organic and natural materials on display, as well as their Modular sofas made from organic and natural materials.

W. SILVER PRODUCTS will be presenting their complete lineup off adjustable beds, high-rise platform bases and bed frames. Because they manufacture in North America, they can control the cost, quality and the time it takes from the order placement to delivery. All of their product is in stock and ready for a quick delivery.

Retailers visiting the SSA Sleep Pavilion will also see chest beds from ARASON ENTERPRISES, hemp mattresses and pillows from CANNABEDS, organic pillows from COOLIST, the Anti Aging Bed® from BAXTER BIOHEALTH, mattresses and pillows from I LOVE PILLOW | I LOVE MATTRESS, and adjustable frames from SLEEP IN MOTION.

For more information on the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and the Summer Las Vegas Market 2022, go to: https://www.sleepinformation.org/

and https://www.sleepinformation.org/las-vegas-market-summer-2022

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