BedTimes Magazine | August Preview

Join Beth English, Dave Perry and Waynette Goodson as they discuss the highlights of the August 2022 issue of BedTimes Magazine. Sustainable foams, diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and cool, new digital tags are just a few of the topics you’ll find covered in this month’s issue.


Beth English
Hi, I’m Beth English, editorial director of Bedtimes Magazine. And I’m here with Waynette and Dave to discuss our August issue. First up, our cover story is a really great feature from Julie Palm about diversity, equity, inclusion. She tackles such things as how to hire with diversity in mind, how to make your workplace more equitable and how to create a more inclusive environment.

Now, Dave, I think you’ve got something to tell us about some other features in the magazine.

Dave Perry
I do Beth. I have got the look at polyurethane foam, which, as we all know, is a really key component in today’s mattresses. What are consumers looking for in polyurethane foam. Answer cool and sustainable. So I’ll be looking at the developments in the polyurethane foam category. My profile in this issue is on Creative. Formerly known as Creative Ticking.

It’s part of Beverly Knits, a big complex of facilities in the Gastonia, North Carolina area. And they are a diversified business with more than 300 knitting machines. And I take a look at that. And finally, in my column, I look at the issue of growth in the mattress industry. Yes, it was a growth year last year in terms of dollars.

Units were actually down in some categories, but overall, the industry grew in dollars. What kind of features were you working on for the issue?

Waynette Goodson
Well, I get to kick off the front of the book with a feature on sustainability and BekaertDeslee has developed a new digital tag that’s unique. It can not only identify textile waste, but it can also identify all the components in the mattress. So this allows them to be recycled. Now first, BekaertDeslee is working very hard to make sure that all of its mattress covers are designed to be disassembled at the end of life.

In addition, they go even further by creating this new digital label that integrates into the covers. And it’s connected to QR and RFID technology. So this allows all of the mattress’s components to be tracked during their lifecycle. Thus, when it comes to the recycling hub, they can then sort and recycle all of the components rather than putting them in the incinerator or in the landfill.

So good for you, BekaertDeslee. Beth. I’ll take it back to you to take us home.

Beth English
So you can find these stories right now online. Just go to or they should be in your mailbox soon. And that’s it for this month. We look forward to talking with you about in September. Bye, bye.

Dave Perry
All right. Bye, bye. Thank you.

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