Diamond Mattress Turns Up Dial on Sustainability

Diamond Mattress will seek sustainability certification from the Mattress Recycling Council, kicking off a company-wide initiative to formalize green practices and policy across its two locations in California and Texas.

The sleep products sustainability certification, also known as SP2, is the Mattress Recycling Council’s program that focuses on reducing waste while generating operational efficiencies and cost savings in the mattress manufacturing process. The program is offered at no cost to California mattress manufacturers.

“Diamond has been recycling and upcycling materials in various ways for many years, and now it’s exciting to bring them all together in a concerted effort to build a sustainability policy across our multi-site production and offices,” said Craig McAndrews, president of the Rancho Dominguez, California-based manufacturer.

The company has begun evaluating its current activities with a more critical eye to sustainability, from manufacturing, facilities and operations to materials and sourcing. Some of its current green practices and efforts include:

  • Partnered with Child Creativity Lab to donate materials for use in upcycled, educational STEAM kits, with 2022 donation totaling over 500 lbs.
  • Collaboration with suppliers for sustainable materials and treatments such as bio-based phase-change materials and upcycled textiles
  • Development of new mattress collection using Repreve recycled plastic bottles and upcycled denim
  • Generations and Ethos mattress collections, plus private label products, using natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, wool and latex.
  • Designated recycling stations for foam, fabrics, steel, plastic and cardboard; multiple stations in California and Texas factories
  • In-house coil production using recycled wire
  • Prioritized domestic and local sourcing to reduce transportation
  • Connecting separate buildings on California campus for improved energy efficiency, with plans to install solar panels

“With growth comes greater responsibility on many levels, and as a manufacturer of mattresses, we have to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact and be better stewards of our resources and planet,” said Shaun Pennington, chief executive officer of Diamond Mattress.

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