One On One With Dave Perry | Latexco Talks Future

What’s new in the latex bedding market? Koen Gebruers, CEO of Latexco US, talks about new natural, breathable and cool-sleeping foams his company is bringing to the market.


Dave Perry
Hey, it’s Dave Perry. I am with Koen Gebruers, the CEO of Latexco, U.S. We are talking about what’s new in latex. And what is new and latex Koen?

Koen Gebruers
We have concentrated this year, especially on the more focused on latex, because it’s a growing segment for us and a very important segment for latex going in the U.S. We have developed a few interesting concepts that we want to show to our clients, like this one. This is a bed with the natural Pulse. The Pulse is our pattern that’s solar-powered process with radio frequency that we have developed. Also, the natural latex product, because natural latex, not only in the U.S. but all over the world, is a growing segment. With the Pulse, the natural Pulse, we create a very, very high softness and a very high hysteresis.

And so it’s it’s really a cult product. Followed from that, we have all the natural products that we are presenting in another bed with different layers with different densities. So people can make a, let’s say, personalized hardness and ideal effect that they want to create. We also have a new pattern that we present here, the full spring, which is also natural latex, where you can encase a pocket spring. It’s completely encased with natural latex, which makes the product recyclable, make it a natural product.

And it’s let’s say you can play with the different heights and hardness with the density of product, with the density of the pockets springs. And another concept that we are having is that we brought in standard product is a core with what we call cross-linked ventilation. So ventilation, you have holes that go vertically completely through the mattress, and they connect with horizontal channels.

So there is good ventilation, a good cooling effect all night. And then we have also brought a treat, a, let’s say, PCM-infused and surface treatment on a top or base which on latex, which is called the LatexCool. It’s a growing segment, and we see a nice increase. We have seen a nice increase in our revenue in the U.S. last year.

Dave Perry
In terms of the 2022 outlook, how strong is a year going to be for latex?

Koen Gebruers
I think we have projected another growth of like 15% versus last year. The market and everybody will tell you that the market has slowed down and the beginning of the year, but I’m pretty sure that we will be able to reach our budget.

Dave Perry
Sounds good. Well, an impressive lineup of products, so I hope you have a great year.

Dave Perry
And it’s always good seeing you.

Koen Gebruers
Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye.

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