Paramount Sleep Company® Will Present New Paramount Legacy Line at Fall High Point Market

Paramount Pairings event will showcase the company’s mattress lines along with wine and
cheese representative of each collection’s origins.


NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 19, 2022—Paramount Sleep Company® will present its new Paramount® Legacy line during Fall High Point Market, Oct. 22-26, along with all three 2023 A.H. Beard® collections: the newly redesigned A.H. Beard Classic, the premium luxury A.H. Beard Signature, and the fully-recyclable A.H. Beard Origins. The company also will showcase beds from its H.D. Super Duty® collection, including the new hybrid model, and the recently redesigned Nature’s Spa® collection.

Paramount® Legacy

The new Paramount Legacy line honors the late Arthur Diamonstein, former president and chairman of the board of Paramount Sleep. Paramount is one of the oldest and among very few multi-generational, family-owned-and-operated mattress manufacturers left in the U.S. Affectionately known as “Mr. D.,” Arthur’s stewardship and vision of building a quality product guided Paramount Sleep Company for more than 50 years and is what continues to sustain the company today. The Paramount Legacy line is a direct result of this promise.

“The mattress industry lost a true legend when Arthur passed away in August. To memorialize his impact, our team decided to do what we do best—develop the most innovative, unique handcrafted mattress we have ever constructed. The Paramount Legacy collection was born! We know that Mr. D. would be proud of the mattress that bears his name,” said Paramount Sleep President Richard Fleck.

The top bed in the Paramount Legacy line, “Arthur,” is a medium comfort level mattress featuring hand side stitching, a calico-encased coil unit, inner and outer hand tufting, more than 50 pounds of natural cotton, a coconut fiber pad, and exotic fibers including horsetail and Joma and alpaca wools.

The Paramount collection pays homage to Paramount Sleep Company’s founding in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1935. Its elegant knit and damask fabrics are inspired by 1930’s Art Deco designs, and its luxurious construction is reminiscent of a classic Atlantic seaboard resort.

Paramount Pairings

Paramount Sleep is participating in the Centennial Wrenn South Neighborhood Activation event, Game Day, with a wine-and-cheese event called Paramount Pairings. The company has paired each of its mattress collections with a wine and cheese representative of its origins.

Guests are invited to visit the Paramount showroom at 330 S. Wrenn St. on Friday, Oct. 21, from 2:00 until 6:00 p.m. to sip wines from around the world, sample perfectly paired cheeses, and see what the best sleep of their life could look like. Paramount Sleep’s High Point showroom is located at 330 S. Wrenn St. (shuttle stop 7 on the green line).

A.H. Beard Origins®

Every component in a handcrafted, made-to-order A.H. Beard Origins mattress is chosen for its sleep-enhancing qualities, the sustainability of its source, and its end-of-life recyclability. Each mattress is constructed without foam and glue, allowing it to be disassembled and its components separated for recycling.

The collection is comprised of three lines: Planet, Populace and Prosperity, each available in three comfort levels. All models feature hand tufted white wool rosettes, four horizontal embroidered handles, and natural rayon and wool fibers.

The TPS 8″ 13-gauge QUADCOIL® innerspring unit found in the Planet and Populace lines is a totally recyclable unit produced without the use of glue. The thermally welded bond is more permanent than a glue bond, able to withstand extreme temperatures during transit that can adversely affect hot melt glue.

The 7″ 19-gauge Flexecore® innerspring unit found in the Prosperity line offers the same recyclability with even more durability. Both pocketed coil units allow each spring to move independently of those around it, protecting the sleeper from partner disturbance.

A.H. Beard® Signature

A.H. Beard Signature is a premium luxury collection that represents more than 120 years of bed-making expertise. A team of master craftsmen use long-forgotten techniques such as hand stitching and button tufting to craft each A.H. Beard Signature collection mattress. Handmade to order, each mattress takes nearly one week to craft.

Signature mattresses feature luxury damask fabric, merino wool, Australian wool, certified organic cotton, and up to 16,000 coils including calico cotton-encased pocket springs and airflow micro coils.

A.H. Beard® Classic

Paramount Sleep’s A.H. Beard Classic collection has been redesigned. All beds are now encased with a conforming high-density Visco memory foam and feature compression hand tufting with six embroidered vertical handles. Foam-encased pocket springs reduce partner disturbance, while natural fibers and cooling PE fabrics regulate the sleeper’s temperature. The Classic collection offers both surface comfort and thicker quilt packages for deep-down comfort.

Available in a wide range comfort levels to suit every sleeper, the collection is built on 6 pillars of sleep architecture and design including: temperature regulation, reduction of partner disturbance, quality materials, all-over comfort, right feel, and all-night support.

Nature’s Spa® Collection

The Nature’s Spa collection is Paramount’s all-natural line, featuring sustainable materials carefully selected to provide optimum pressure relief, temperature regulation and support. The nine-mattress, redesigned Nature’s Spa collection now features:

  • Recycled cotton panel fabric—certified by Global Recycled Standard
  • 100% natural latex—GOLS and Oeko-Tex® certified
  • Recycled fiber pad made from 60% recycled plastic bottles
  • Vertical embroidered handles covered under warranty

H.D. Super Duty® Hybrid

Paramount Sleep also will feature its new H.D. Super Duty Hybrid bed featuring a smooth, tight top—a first for the company. The unit features a foam-encased, 12.75-gauge heavy duty spring—the heaviest and strongest support system available; three inches of high-density graphite, silver and copper-infused memory foam; and a one-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam, all backed by a 20-year warranty.

About Paramount Sleep Company® Paramount Sleep Company is a fourth generation, family-owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, VA, since 1935. For more than 85 years, the company has remained one of the industry’s premier suppliers of high-quality mattress systems. Available at many top retailers across the country, the company produces handcrafted mattresses under the unique brand names: A.H. Beard®, Back Performance®, H.D. Super Duty®, Hypnos®, Kiwi Collection, Nature’s Spa®, Paramount®, and Bloomingdale’s Asteria™. For more information, visit

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