BIA Adds Cooling Mattresses to Eclipse International Series

BIA introduces three new cooling mattresses to its Eclipse International series: the Glacier Washington, Glacier McKinley and Glacier Everest.

Bedding Industries of America is introducing three new cooling mattresses to its Eclipse International series: the Glacier Washington, Glacier McKinley and Glacier Everest.

The new beds will incorporate cooling gel-memory foam along with BIA’s ICE-Cool fabric and glacierTECH technology. Rapid cooling fibers transport moisture and heat away from the body for a cooler sleep. The mattresses also incorporate the company’s Spinal Zone technology, which is clinically proven to reduce back pain by providing proper spinal alignment and has the Seal of Approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Association.

“Health and wellness is a key trend in the bedding industry. One way to achieve healthier sleep is by sleeping cool,” said Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of BIA, based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “We can help consumers do that by incorporating cooling components like chill fabrics, copper-infused visco and natural, ventilated latex. These features at attractive price points provide a large majority of consumers with healthier sleep.”

The Glacier Washington features a hand-tufted Euro cooling cover, while the copper-infused (and plant-based) memory foam removes any excess heat via conduction. Copper is a natural temperature regulator and using it in the foam helps the body maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night, according to a news release. The mattress also incorporates individually wrapped coils that conform to and support body weight.

The Glacier McKinley is aluxury mattress that also incorporates a hand-tufted Euro cooling cover and layers of supportive copper visco that surround 789 individually wrapped coils. The mattress features an additional 1,872 micro-coils to provide a responsive feel and a durable sleep surface.

The Glacier Everest has many of the same qualities as the Glacier McKinley, with the exception that the mattress uses 100-percent natural Talalay latex in place of the copper-infused memory foam, lending the mattress a firm comfort level.

The mattresses retail for $1,699, $1,899 and $2,199 in queen, respectively. All carry a 15-year warranty and are adjustable-base friendly.

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