Bed, toppers added to Chili Technology family

Chili Technology LLC, with headquarters in Mooresville, N.C., has rolled out new products to extend its ChiliPad collection of heating and cooling systems.

The new Comfort Code ChiliBed mattresses and ChiliToppers contain the company’s heating and cooling technology embedded in layers of foam that are made with a portion of soy–based polyols. They join the company’s original sleep product, the ChiliPad, a mattress pad that cools and heats from 48 to 188 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company also has introduced new control units designed to reduce retail price points of its sleep products. The Chili Dual Zone (DZ) control unit operates two mattress zones with a single control unit and has suggested retail prices from $299 to $599. The new analog–based Chili Z (Z) control unit is designed for a single user on a single–zone Chili product. It has suggested retail prices of $99 to $299.

In addition, Chili Technology has unveiled Chili Z, a line that incorporates the Chili technology into seating and massage pads. The products are designed to move the company into the home and automotive industries.

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