Save it for the bedroom

Julie A. Palm

Julie Palm, editor in chief

My father falls soundly asleep every night—in his recliner, about three minutes after the 10 p.m. news starts. He denies this and argues that the snoring noises actually are coming from the dog. Dad hasn’t owned a dog since I was a toddler.

Most evenings, my stepmother is the only one around when dad drifts off, so there’s not too much to be embarrassed about.

My father’s lucky, because other people are falling asleep all over the place—on subways, in church pews, during meetings, in theaters, while waiting on line, behind their desks, before the airplane even takes off.

The Better Sleep Council wants people to “Stop Sleeping Around”—and spend more time where they can get the rejuvenating rest they clearly need—on a quality mattress. The new national public relations campaign kicks off in May—in celebration of Better Sleep Month—and includes outreach to both traditional and social media.

“Stop Sleeping Around” is a fun, light-hearted, attention-grabbing campaign with a serious message behind it: Americans are sleep-deprived, and the mattress industry knows that it offers a product that can help people live healthier, more productive lives—without caffeine-laden energy drinks or prescription sleep aids.

I encourage mattress makers and industry suppliers to check out the campaign’s toolkit, which is full of logos, social media links, fact sheets, surveys and other materials you can use to build upon the “Stop Sleeping Around” campaign in your own marketing and PR efforts. You’ve got plenty of time to be creative: The campaign will continue throughout the year.

In the meantime, stay faithful to your own mattress. It craves spending quality time with you.

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