Americans prefer sleep to sex, BSC survey says

How tired are Americans? According to a recent survey, pretty darn tired.

A national poll by the Better Sleep Council found that 61% of Americans and nearly four out of five of women would rather get a good night’s sleep than have sex. The survey also found that nearly half of Americans fall asleep somewhere other than their bed at least once a week and about 11% fall asleep somewhere other than their bed every day.

So where are people nodding off? Some peculiar and dangerous places.

“We were stunned by some of the survey responses,” says Karin Mahoney, BSC director of communications. “One man fell asleep on a rooftop. Another man fell asleep while interviewing a job candidate. There was a teacher who fell asleep at the podium in front of her class. Clearly, people are sleeping just about everywhere except where they should be—in their own beds. And they’re likely not realizing the critical role the right mattress plays in achieving the quality of life that only good, healthful sleep can bring.”

But there’s hope. More than three-quarters of people surveyed say they’d give up something to get a better night’s sleep. Tops on the list were watching TV (31%), time spent on computers and social media (23%), exercise (16%) and going to church (16%).

The BSC, the consumer arm of the International Sleep Products Association, conducted the survey in conjunction with the launch of its national “Stop Sleeping Around” campaign. The initiative began in May and will continue through the end of the year. For more information, visit

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