California mattress disposal bill defeated

For the third time this year, the International Sleep Products Association has defeated costly mattress disposal legislation. The California Senate voted late Friday night to defeat legislation that would have required the mattress industry to fund the collection and recycling of used mattresses, raising the cost of mattresses sold in the state.

The California Assembly passed the bill earlier Friday night, and it was then sent to the Senate where, shortly before midnight, the bill fell four votes short of passing. The legislature adjourned immediately afterward, which means that this bill is dead for 2012.

For more than 20 years, ISPA has supported the recycling of used mattresses, but the California legislation took a misguided approach by imposing many impractical requirements on the industry that would have significantly raised costs for mattress manufacturers selling products in California and threatened jobs.

The hundreds of calls and letters that ISPA members, mattress retailers and others placed and sent over the last month were key to defeating this legislation. ISPA would like to thank all our supporters in the mattress industry for their support in helping to defeat this bill.

ISPA expects similar legislation to be introduced in the states in 2013. Meanwhile, the association continues to advocate for federal legislation to promote mattress recycling.

Note: The International Sleep Products Association sent this “Advocacy Alert” to its mattress manufacturer and supplier members and mattress retailers on Sept. 4. For more information on ISPA’s advocacy efforts on sustainability and other matters, check