Zedbed G+ mattress offers customizable gel comfort

ZedBed G+ (Gel Plus) mattress with cooling pads

The Zedbed G+ (Gel Plus) mattress has removable cooling pads.

Specialty mattress maker Zedbed, which has headquarters in Shawinigan, Quebec, launched the G+ (Gel Plus) Sleep Solution at the Canadian Home Furnishings Market held Jan. 12-15 in Toronto.

The new G+ has multiple, customizable cooling zones that give sleepers an added measure of temperature control over their sleep environment. The beds have removable gel pads that can be snugly inserted in special pockets on the mattress surface.

“Today, there are various technologies designed to regulate body temperature and prevent the discomfort of overheating that is sometimes associated with sleeping on memory foam,” said David Gélinas, Zedbed vice president of marketing. “However, these technologies don’t give users ultimate control over sleeping conditions. They don’t offer any way to accommodate partners who might prefer different sleep environments. But now, with G+, users can increase or decrease the coolness of their mattress.”

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