Comfort Solutions says Flare design was market hit

King Koil Posture Sense Flare mattress design

The Flare

With the tagline “Supersize your Sleep,” the new Flare design by mattress licensing group Comfort Solutions was an attention-getter at the winter Las Vegas Market Jan. 28.-Feb. 1.

The mattress design option extends a bed’s sleep surface and is available on a full range of the Willowbrook, Ill.-based company’s product lines.

“Over the many years I’ve been in the mattress business, I’ve never heard so many overwhelmingly positive comments about an industry innovation,” said Dave Roberts, Comfort Solutions president and chief operating officer. “Not only did hundreds of dealers come to see the Flare design, but we received commitments during market from many major retailers across the United States. We expect to roll out the design across all of our brands at the end of the first quarter.”

The Flare converts the shape of a mattress from a rectangle to a trapezoid, with angled sides made from high-density foam. The extra 6 inches of sleep surface the design offers can be added to any mattress size without changing the foundation or bed frame.

Comfort Solutions said it submitted the Flare construction to six months of rigorous ASTM International testing, which demonstrated that the bed provides the correct amount of strength, sleep support and durability.

Finding sheets that fit the bed’s silhouette also isn’t a problem, Comfort Solutions said. The company tested sheet sizes, styles and brands from major retailers and found that many deep-pocket sheet sets or sheet sets that are one size larger than the mattress will fit the Flare. The company offers consumers a pocket guide to buying sheets for the new bed.

For shoppers who prefer to purchase custom linens, the company will offer a branded series of Flare sheet sets, available online at an upcoming website.

This article was revised March 7, 2013.

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