BSC survey: America facing a ‘sleepocalypse’

Better Sleep warns of the  SleepocalypseAre you feeling sluggish? You’re not alone. The latest Better Sleep Council survey, conducted in the spring, reveals that more than half of Americans—more than 157 million—don’t get enough sleep, which can have dire physical and mental consequences. According to the BSC, which is the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, it’s a “sleepocalypse.”

Karin Mahoney, BSC director of communications, shared survey results May 13 on Boston’s “Fox 25 Morning News” show, explaining that, “We always have our laptops and cellphones with us, and the use of those, especially in the bedroom, can have some pretty detrimental effects.”

What advice did Mahoney have for the Boston metro area?

1. Reduce the use of electronics in the bedroom, specifically in bed. According to the BSC survey, 92% of Americans watch television, check their smartphones, etc., in bed.
2. Make sure your room is conducive to sleep. Create “a sleep oasis,” Mahoney advised. Make sure it’s cool and that you have a supportive mattress.
3. Don’t let your cellphone be a distraction. “Many of us use it as our alarm clock or we’re constantly checking our email before we go to bed. A big no-no. We associate our cellphone with stress,” she said.
4. Maintain a consistent bedtime and wake-up time, even on the weekends. Your body uses a circadian rhythm to regulate states of being asleep and awake. Straying from your regular sleep schedule can confuse this rhythm.
5. Give yourself wind-down time. Listen to music or sip tea “to get your mind and body ready for the rest you deserve,” Mahoney said.

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