FXI’s foam ranking scale offers climate clarity

FXI foam Temperature Ranking Factor scale
How cool is that foam? FXI’s new scale rates the ‘Temperature Regulation Factor’ of its foams.
Foam supplier FXI, with headquarters in Media, Pennsylvania, has created a ranking system for its foam products. Each is assigned a Temperature Regulation Factor of from 2.0 to 4.0. The purpose of the new ranking scale is to better communicate the “airflow and dissipation properties” of the different foams in FXI’s lineup.

For instance, products ranked as TRF 2.0 are open cell with good airflow and temperature management, a news release said. These include Aerus and MemGel Swirl. At the other end of the range, TRF 4.0 foams—such as Maxperm, MemGel Max and Aerus Max—are extremely open cell for superior moisture wicking and heat dissipation.

“Airflow and breathability have always been at the forefront of the discussion about foam products,” said Diane Adams, FXI chief marketing officer. “With the development of our TRF system, we have created a tool that communicates the combined benefits of airflow and heat and moisture dissipation in our foam products, and how these benefits increase within the landscape of the system itself. We developed a full product portfolio of temperature-regulating foams based on a consumer need—the need to sleep more comfortably throughout the night—and our team of technicians and professionals at our Research and Innovation Center developed the scale as a means to solve consumer needs through a solutions-based product system.”

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