PureCare One turning pillows into profit centers, retailers report

PureCare One pillow

The patented PureCare One pillow is customizable for every sleeper.

Protection products and sleep accessories supplier PureCare (formerly Fabrictech), with headquarters in Fairfield, New Jersey, is happy with retailer reaction to its customizable PureCare One pillow, which launched in January.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based sleep shop chain Mattress Direct, with 22 stores in Louisiana and Mississippi, said it has uncovered a new revenue stream. “(PureCare One) stopped the loss on pillow giveaways of approximately $9,000 a month and reversed it. … (The net result) is something like $13,000 per month positive impact on our bottom line,” said Mattress Direct co-owner Ty Hingle.

Customers identify with PureCare One creator Tanya Hawkins, said Matt Creek, store manager of the Burbank location of the Southern California retailer Sit ‘n Sleep, which has headquarters in Gardena. “Our customers (especially women) react positively to her story. (Hawkins) created something new because she could not find a pillow that worked for her. Now these pillows are available for our customers, and they can choose the right One.”

Sean Bergman, PureCare chief marketing officer, said, “Retailers are excited about the pillow category again and RSA ingenuity is fusing into presentations. … It’s been a lot of fun strengthening our partnerships with our retailers by delivering merchandising programs that move the needle and substantially affect their bottom line.”

The company has launched a Twitter marketing campaign PureCare One. Retailers can tweet to @PureCare_Kayla their selling tips, consumer reactions and success stories using the hash tag #ravereviews. The first 200 participants will receive a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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