Americans sleep with their smartphones

Americans sleep with their smartphonesAmericans love their smartphones so much they even sleep with them.

The annual Bank of America Trends in Mobility Report found that nearly three-quarters of Americans (71%) who own smartphones sleep with them nearby, according to an online article in Fortune magazine.

The phone rests on their nightstands, in their beds, or in 3% of the cases, in their hands.

Not only are the devices present when Americans go to bed, smartphones also are on their minds when they wake up: 35% of respondents said their first thought in the morning is about their smartphone; 10% said it’s about their significant other, the article notes.

And smartphone use remains high throughout the day. More than half of Americans, about 57%, say they use their phone at least once an hour. In New York, it’s more like 96%. In California, it’s 88%.

Those in Denver are the most likely to survive without their gadget, according to the article. More than a quarter say they could refrain from using their phones indefinitely.

But even in Denver, 63% report sleeping with their smartphones. It’s true love.

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