Mattress Firm Dream Bed takes on e-commerce startups

Mattress Firm Dream Bed takes on e-commerce startupsOn Oct. 1, Houston-based retailing major Mattress Firm launched the online-only Dream Bed. For every Dream Bed sold, Mattress Firm promises to donate one twin mattress to a child or adult in need.

Two polyurethane foam core mattress models, the Original Dream and Cool Dream, retail for $829 and $999 in queen, respectively. Original Dream has layers of latex foam and memory foam. Cool Dream uses memory foam topped with poured gel in the top comfort layer. Two coordinating pillows are priced at $59 and $79.

The Dream Bed e-commerce site has a clean, modern look and distinctive branding that is entirely separate from its brick-and-mortar parent. Mattress Firm’s name appears only at the site’s user agreement page.

The beds offer a generous six-month sleep trial and arrive compressed and rolled in the now-standard small refrigerator box. The single-sided mattresses have a white, stretch-knit panel with contrasting chocolate woven borders highlighted with an embroidered logo.

Dan Dietz, Mattress Firm vice president of digital, led development of the Dream Bed, which is part of the company’s strategic omnichannel retail plan, according to a news release.

“With The Dream Bed, we’ve combined the energy of a young, startup team with the resources of the nation’s largest mattress retailer,” Dietz said. “Through customer feedback and an iterative, time-tested approach, we’ve created an incredibly comfortable mattress worthy of the name The Dream Bed. With our ‘Buy a dream. Give a dream’ campaign we are going to be able to make a massive impact on people’s lives.”

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