Beautyrest Black and Tom Brady Score for Better Sleep

Atlanta-based Simmons Bedding Co. LLC made a splash this week when it unveiled a new Beautyrest Black campaign featuring winning quarterback Tom Brady with the NFL’s New England Patriots.

The partnership with Brady includes a “rich array of content, including but not limited to new television and digital spots created by global communications agency KBS,” a news release said.

The inaugural “Dream in Black” campaign TV spot, which hit network and cable airways Monday, follows the suave man of mystery—Brady—through a lavish hotel as he is led into the perfect room—completely empty, save for a Beautyrest Black mattress set. As the 60-second commercial fades to black, “Sleep is the Ultimate Luxury” fills the screen.

According to the company, recent research has shown that fully 73% of working Americans would give up part of their income to get better sleep, “proving that sleep is the ultimate luxury that Americans want most.”

Jeff Willard, Simmons executive vice president of marketing, said, “It was really important to us to find someone who embodies the Beautyrest Black luxury lifestyle—someone who is committed to the ultimate in quality, performance and style. Tom Brady exemplifies this persona and lifestyle, which makes him the perfect partner for our Dream in Black campaign. This partnership, coupled with a premium product line and a breakthrough integrated marketing campaign, elevates Beautyrest Black and provides a compelling brand story for our retail partners.”

Brady added, “I believe that a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. … When you think luxury, a designer watch or a sports car may come to mind; but as an athlete and a father, sleep is the ultimate luxury.”

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