Nimbus Emporium Gains Seal of Traceability

Duvet and pillow supplier earns Downpass seal

Nimbus Emporium Bronze Collection duvets and pillows

Fine feathers Nimbus Emporium’s Bronze Collection uses 90% goose down combined with 10% fine goose feathers. The division of Trafford Park, England-based Trendsetter Home Furnishings group is among the first U.K. brands to earn the Downpass seal of traceability.

Nimbus Emporium, a maker of down-filled duvets and pillows that is part of the Trendsetter Home Furnishings group based in Trafford Park, England, is one of the first U.K. brands to earn the down and feather Downpass seal.

Downpass is based on the European Convention for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes.

Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, Downpass is an assurance that the down and feathers used as the filling material in its products have been ethically harvested and come from a strictly controlled and traceable supply chain. Companies that wish to carry its seal on their products must undergo an auditing process and inspection by a third-party testing institute every two years.

The Nimbus brand, which is sold through independent retailers and online-only stores, also is launching a consumer campaign in U.K. magazines and media. The purpose is to help educate shoppers on what to look for when buying quality natural filled bedding products. 

Sara Wadsworth, Nimbus brand manager, said: “Brands in all sectors can no longer afford to ignore the growing consumer interest in the origins of their purchases. Ensuring the traceability of products from sustainable sources remains high on consumers’ agenda.

“We are passionate about the importance of quality and accountability in our natural product ranges, so we’re keen to educate consumers as well as help consumers make conscious and informed decisions about their bedding choices. The planned activity will deliver on both counts.”

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