Quin Global TensorGrip Adhesives Target Mattresses

Spray-Canister, Quick-Curing Adhesives

Quin Global mattress cutaway showing glue application

Strong hold Adhesive supplier Quin Global has launched TensorGrip spray-canister adhesives for mattress manufacturing. As shown above, the product range can be used for a variety of bonding applications in mattress construction.

Quin Global TensorGrip F30N adhesive canister for mattress manufacturing

TensorGrip F30N canister

Omaha, Nebraska-based adhesives supplier Quin Global US has launched a range of TensorGrip spray-canister, solvent-based adhesives for mattress manufacturing.

The company said the TensorGrip range of products, which include both web and mist spray products, is suitable for polyurethane foams of many densities, memory foam, gel foam and fabrics. TensorGrip remedies such problems as long dry times, as well as over-atomization during the application process leading to air quality impacts and messy work areas. In addition, the canister system eliminates equipment purchase and repair expenditures.

The product offers a cure time of approximately one minute with complete handling and packaging in 30 minutes or less.

“Quin Global has dedicated its research recently to developing a product perfectly suited to the mattress-manufacturing industry to overcome the many day-to-day problems faced with commonly used adhesives in the industry,” said Mike Glenn, foam market manager. “Mattress companies of all sizes have been receptive and helpful in the process. By investing time and resource in the real-world market, Tensor is aiming to provide a tested and proven solution for foam and upholstery bonding worldwide. And we’re succeeding.”

Global Supplier

Quin Global is a global company with locations and local manufacturing in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. It develops and manufactures branded adhesives and private-label products. The TensorGrip umbrella brand features TensorGrip, TensorBond, TensorPur and TensorMelt adhesives. Quin Global adhesives are used in nine industries, including aerospace, construction, transportation and woodworking, and include a range of tools and cleaners created specifically for use with TensorGrip products.

This story was corrected 7/6/16.

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