Chinese Companies Break Human Dominoes World Record

Chinese mattress maker Stylution and retail furniture mall operator Ayd Home Furnishings hosted a charitable event that broke the Guinness World Record of human dominoes.

The chain reaction of falling dominoes included 2,016 people and mattresses, smashing the previous record of 1,200. The event was held outside a shopping mall in Wuhan City, Hubei, China. It took 14 minutes, 47 seconds for the people and mattresses to fall.

Stylution Ayd human dominos Human Dominoes

An event put on by Chinese companies Stylution and Ayd Home Furnishings broke the world record for human mattress dominoes.

The event also celebrated Ayd Home Furnishings’ 24th birthday and allowed Stylution to donate 300 mattresses through the Charity Foundation to selected Wuhan City orphanages and homes for the elderly.

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