New Talalay Global Website Aims to Educate Consumers

Talalay Global, a Shelton, Connecticut-based latex supplier and finished-products manufacturer, has launched a new website aimed at educating consumers about the features and benefits of Talalay latex.

Talalay Global website homepage

The home page of the Talalay Global website emphasizes the product’s pure and natural origins. The Shelton, Connecticut-based company also touts a ‘Made in the USA’ message with its new site.

It also helps train retail salespeople on the component’s unique properties and characteristics.

The site allows visitors to drill down to a Talalay latex FAQ, a description of the different components the company manufactures, the Talalay manufacturing process, and information comparing Talalay latex with memory foam and with Dunlop-process latex. The site also prominently displays an American-made message at the top of each page. speaks primarily to mattress shoppers and “is designed to familiarize visitors with how Talalay is made and how it differs from other latex products in both structure and performance,” said David Fisher, chief executive officer. “We’re very excited about the overall look and feel, which clearly demonstrates who Talalay Global is today and what we stand for.

“The objective is to leverage our new web presence to excite, engage, train, motivate and demonstrate our competitive edge.”

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