Organic Mattresses Inc. Focuses Marketing Efforts on Millennials

Bedding manufacturer Organic Mattresses Inc. has begun focusing more of its marketing resources on the 75 million millennials in the market for a mattress, the Yuba City, California-based company said in a news release.

OMI's Walt Bader with a new bed in the Certified Organic Mattress collection.

OMI’s Walt Bader with a new bed in the Certified Organic Mattress collection.

OMI, which makes certified-organic mattresses under the Organicpedic and Organicpedic Earth brands, said it believes organic bedding is increasingly the way to appeal to millennials.

“The millennial consumer is very aware of the benefits of organic products and places significant value on organic goods,” said Jeff Bader, OMI chief executive officer. “We only see this consumer group’s enthusiasm for organic products increasing, laying a foundation for strong growth in all organic offerings, including mattresses and other sleep products.”

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