Give Employees These 11 Things

To be an exceptional boss, make sure you’re a giving boss, says Jeff Haden in a March 27 article.

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People respect and admire leaders who have their employees’ best interests at heart. To do that, here are 11 things good managers give their employees:

1. The gift of patience

Showing patience is a way of showing care and confidence in employees.

2. The gift of praise

It’s easy to praise those who are doing an outstanding job. But for those who are simply meeting expectations, find something to recognize them for publicly, Haden says. It just might help them want to put in extra effort.

3. The gift of forgetting

“Want to be a great boss? Step back, set aside the mistake and think about the whole employee,” he writes. “Viewing any employee through the lens of just one incident may forever impact how you treat that employee.”

4. The gift of asking for help

By asking for advice, you show respect and trust. And those who are asked for help, feel a greater sense of self-worth.

5. The gift of privacy

In this age of over-sharing on social media, remember you don’t need to know everything,  Haden says. Avoid prying into personal matters, but be available if needed.

6. The gift of opportunity

Help people work toward their dreams, and open doors for them whenever possible.

7. The gift of sincerity

Be willing to show excitement when things go well and sincerely praise good work. “Temper your sense of professionalism with a healthy dose of humanity—and more importantly, let your employees do the same,” Haden says.

8. The gift of freedom

Create standards and guidelines, but allow your employees to do what they want within those guidelines, he says. Engagement and satisfaction come through autonomy and independence.

9. The gift of tough love

No one is perfect. If you truly care, you will tell people they are capable of more when they really need to hear it, he says.

10. The gift of respect

Even if employees are not working to their full potential, it’s never appropriate to humiliate them or speak sarcastically.

11. The gift of purpose

Give your employees a reason to care about their work, Haden says. Show them how what they do makes an impact on the customers, the business and the community.

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