Sharing Better Sleep Council Messages Throughout the Year

May is Better Sleep Month, but the Better Sleep Council has been getting the word out about the sleep-health connection all year.

Better Sleep Council
Terry Cralle

As the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, the BSC works with spokeswoman Lissa Coffey and sleep expert Terry Cralle to promote good sleep habits and the importance of a quality mattress in getting solid rest.

Coffey and Cralle have promoted these messages through blogs, articles, interviews and social media activity.

Cralle contributed content on behalf of the BSC to Media Planet’s “Sleep Sensitivity” campaign. It was distributed through USA Today’s print and online outlets with an estimated reach of 5 million readers. Read the article, “Four Common Sleep Disorders and How to Manage Them.”

Lissa Coffey headshot
Lissa Coffey

Coffey promoted BSC messaging when she was interviewed Feb. 23 on the CBS News 8 “This Morning” show in San Diego. She talked about “clean” sleeping on two live segments and hosted a live Facebook session in between. View the segment here.

Also this year, both women have written stories for the “Consumer Ed” department of Sleep Savvy, BedTimes’ sister publication. In the March issue, Cralle addressed the role of sleep in fighting cancer in the column, “The Healing Power of Sleep.” In the April edition, Coffey explored how much our need for rest changes over our lifetime in the article, “Sleep from Infancy to Old Age.” To read these and other articles, check